#WellnessWednesday: Tips for Business Stress Relief

We know that stress is a common thing, especially for business people! Use these tips to relieve stress:

1. Try the 3-breath release.

• Take a deep breath. Then as you exhale imagine all your problems and stress leaving you. Do this just 3 times and I bet your feelings of stress will decrease significantly.

2. Tidy your environment.

• If you're feeling overwhelmed one of the most effective strategies is to create order in your immediate environment - car, office, home, etc. As you take charge of your surroundings, your feelings of control will increase.

3. Take a break

• It’s important to step off the gas pedal every now and again to recharge your batteries. Get away with your family or friends for at least a week, and while you are away, try not to think about work at all no matter how impossible that sounds. Taking a break doesn’t even have to mean going on vacation. Going out for lunch every day and taking an hour to eat in peace and enjoy a walk around town without checking your emails can do wonders for your stress levels.

4. Fix Your Diet

• One of the worst things about being constantly buried in work is that you tend to stop paying attention to your diet.

There are certain foods that you should eat if you want to decrease stress levels, such as foods that are high in fiber. Healthy foods not only fight stress, they also lower the levels of hormones in your body that are most commonly tied to triggering an increase in stress.

5. Prioritize Sleep

• Business people are often chronically tired because they just don’t get enough sleep every night. Whether you like it or not, getting enough sleep is an absolute necessity, not just for business people but human beings in general.

A good night’s sleep can truly do wonders when it comes to reducing stress levels. Not only does more sleep equate to less stress, it’ also helps you to better manage the unavoidable stresses of running a small business. Tired people tend to lack the patience and clarity of mind needed to properly function in high-stress work environments.