What is a Licensed Sales Representative?

Licensed Sales Representatives can be an asset in your Medicare Health Insurance search.

A Licensed Sales Representative is an insurance agent who has completed extensive training and certifications to gain their license. This training and education allows Licensed Sales Representatives the ability to recommend and discuss Medicare plans and options (only with your permission). Agents take an annual exam called the American Health Insurance Plans exam, or AHIP and are required to undergo criminal background checks. To sell insurance, agents are also required, every year, to complete certifications for each carrier. These requirements are set forth and regulated by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). These Insurance Agents are knowledgeable in Medicare plans and rates that are constantly changing and required to stay up to date on these changes.

A good Licensed Sales Representative knows that their job doesn’t end with your enrollment. They know and understand that communication with you is key in understanding your needs and/or concerns about your plan(s). Your Licensed Sales Representative can be a liaison between you and your insurance carrier if you have any issues with your plan or coverage. They may also provide an annual complimentary plan review to re-evaluate your current insurance needs. This review can help you with determining if your current plan still fits your lifestyle.

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