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Medicare is intricate, but it does not have to be confusing. There are multiple parts of Medicare. It is important that you find the best parts that is affordable and a good fit for your lifestyle. We provide simple and honest information regarding the options available to you. 
Medicare is available to people 65 and older. Certain disabilities can also allow for early Medicare eligibility.  

​Medicare Part A

Hospital Insurance

Part A covers hospital and skilled nursing facility stays, hospice care and some home health care costs. This is a one of the two parts of “Original Medicare”.

​Medicare Part B

The second part of “Original Medicare” helps to cover doctors’ appointments and services, preventative and specialty services, outpatient care, home health care, some medical equipment.

​Medicare Part C

Medicare Advantage Plans

Private carriers offer Medicare Advantage Plans. Medicare Advantage Plans offer all of the benefits covered under Original Medicare and more.  You can select from HMOs, PPOs, Private Fee-for-Service, and Medicare Medical Saves Account Plans. Medicare Advantage plans may offer prescription drug coverage, hearing, vision and/or dental coverage.

Medicare Part D

Prescription Drug Plans

It is a requirement for every Medicare-eligible person to have a Prescription Drug Plan. Private carriers provide Prescription Drug Plans. Purchase a Prescription Drug Plan as a standalone to supplement Original Medicare, or purchase Prescription Drug coverage through some Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Supplement Plans

Medigap Plans

Medigap plans help supplement costs that Original Medicare does not cover, such as co-insurance and deductibles. Medigap policies cover services used when travelling outside of the United States. Private carriers sell Medicare Supplement Plans; Federal and State laws regulate Medigap policies.
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